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Video Testimonials

All of these video testimonials have been provided by clients who have overcome their problems by following the Thrive Programme with one of the National Thrive Consultants.

The Thrive Programme is a course of scientifically proven techniques developed to help people overcome a very wide range of Psychological problems by following structured programme of training outlined in the Thrive Workbook. Read all about the Thrive Programme here.


Anxiety and Generalised Anxiety Disorders (GAD) are becoming more and more common throughout our society.

A visit to your GP will almost certainly have you coming away with a shiny new prescription for some anti-depressants which will undoubtedly “take the edge off” your Anxiety, but won’t really get to the heart of the problem, which in most cases, is due to our internal cognition. (The WAY we perceive events or situations according to our own “belief systems”)

Watch these videos from people who decided to take affirmative action against their Anxiety by following the Thrive Programme.

Emetophobia – The Fear of Vomiting

It has been estimated that 5% of the population suffer from Emetophobia (The fear of Vomiting) although most people will never have heard of it.

The principal reason for this lack of widespread understanding of the phobia is that almost all sufferers keep it a secret (even from their loved ones!) as they very often feel “stupid” or “silly” about the problem.

This tends to mean that they “suffer in silence” or seem to demonstrate odd behaviour in situations that others find quit “normal”, for example eating out in restaurants, going out for a social drink, giving people who have a “bug” a wide berth, and so on.

If this is YOU, then don’t despair because the Thrive Programme to “Cure Emetophobia” may well be the most effective psychological intervention yet devised for overcoming this problem.

Watch these video testimonials from ex-emetophobes who have resolved their own fear of being sick.

You can also read some written testimonials on our Testimonials page.

Self Confidence

Many of us will have experiences that “knock our self confidence” leaving us feeling that we are “not very good” or “not very smart”, but these experiences are often rare or occasional and we might take them be something that fundamentally changes who we are.

In reality, we have probably “lost perspective” on the situation and would benefit more by learning how to view these experiences as opportunities to improve and learn.

This is something that can easily be achieved by following the Thrive Programme and learning how to manage your thinking more effectively.

Watch these video testimonials from people who all use to suffer from low self confidence.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorders are what we experience when we worry about what people may think of our actions.

It is the feeling that you are “being judged” and is closely linked with both our self-esteem as well as our sense of how much control we have in our lives. (In Thrive we measure this as our “Locus of Control”.)

Just about the most common problem that we encounter that is associated with Social Anxiety is when we are consulted to help people with “Presentation Nerves” – that feeling we get when we are going to make a business presentation for example.

The Thrive Programme directly addresses this issue as it is central to unlocking your ability to be Happy & Successful.

Watch these video testimonials from people who all used to suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder.

Low Self Esteem

Self Esteem is a measure of how we feel about ourselves; how “capable” we feel, how much we “like” ourselves.

Despite the belief that our self-esteem is something that is deeply embedded within us and cannot really change, the Thrive Programme asserts (with good evidence) that our self-esteem is in fact only roughly TWO WEEKS old at any time.

In many respects, it’s like a battery that can be fully charged, our lacking in charge depending on what experiences we have had in the last few weeks.

Thrive can teach you how to manage your self-esteem by helping you to pay more attention to the positive experiences that you have had recently, with greater perspective.

Watch these video testimonials from people who all use to suffer from low self-esteem problems.