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Thrive Programme in Wolverhampton

The Thrive Programme is an incredibly effective multi-session programme that will not only help you to see things in a much more affirmative way, but will also give you the tools to cope with adversity and challenges that might have led to problems in the past.

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The Thrive Programme has been successfully applied to a wide range of problems wherever “limiting beliefs” play a central role in both creating and keeping problems “alive”.

An Introduction to the Thrive Programme

If you’d like to find out more about Thriving and what it is, please watch this video.

What is the Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme is a system for Changing Limiting Beliefs.

It’s a training programme that teaches people how to overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles in their lives, by managing their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and thinking styles more effectively.

The Thrive Programme – Formulation

A ‘formulation’, is a scientific or psychological explanation – a formula – that describes how a certain process works. It is useful for us to have a formula for Changing Limiting Beliefs, for two reasons:

  1. It helps us, the Thrive Consultants, to keep our efforts focused on what is going to help you our clients to achieve your particular goals.
  2. It will help us to gain acceptance for The Thrive Programme in the wider psychological community.

Research shows that most – if not all – illnesses, anxieties, depressive disorders, habits, phobias, fears, immune system issues etc. have a cognitive (or thinking) component to them.

That is to say that the severity of the distress caused by the illness or symptom, the depth of anguish and pain or discomfort experienced by the sufferer, and even the actual illness or symptom itself, may be caused, prolonged or made worse by the way the sufferer thinks and feels about it.

Thrive Programme – Methodology

Research also shows us that people will only invest their energy, time and commitment to achieving a goal – any goal – once they BELIEVE that their efforts will be successful.

The Thrive Programme is a process that allows a person – through guided self-awareness exercises – to understand that they CAN overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles, by recognising how their own thoughts and beliefs were either causing or contributing to the problems in the first place.

Once the person can clearly identify that their problems are caused (or contributed-to) by them not managing their thinking very well, and they are shown some simple, understandable and predictable techniques that they can use to change their limiting beliefs, they will put in massive and determined effort to achieve their goals because they believe they will be successful.

The above formula is very similar to a number of other formulas – namely that of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

The main difference between the Thrive programme and CBT, is THRIVE’s huge emphasis on the person KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING how their mind and body interact:

  • How their cognitive processes work
  • How their belief systems are formed
  • How their personality type and their thinking styles interact together
  • How their three main limiting belief systems hold them back in life, and
  • Why their sense of power or control over external events has such a big impact upon them!

In short: when a person can fully comprehend how they created a problem, they can “un-create” it.

It is because people following the Thrive programme are helped to attain this high degree of self-awareness, that they are able to clearly see what they need to do in order to ‘get better’, and why they are then also willing to put in as much effort as is required.

Overview of the Thrive Programme

The following is “typical” schedule for the Thrive Programme but I will always tailor it so that it is delivered at a pace consistent with each individual client’s ability.

  • Stage 1 –  A Question of Belief
  • Stage 2 –  Psychological Foundations
  • Stage 3 –  How Powerful Do You Feel?
  • Stage 4 –  How Do You Feel About Yourself?
  • Stage 5 –  How Do You Respond to Social Pressures?
  • Stage 6 –  Unhelpful Thinking Styles
  • Stage 7 –  Mind Your Language
  • Stage 8 –  Anxiety & Stress
  • Stage 9 –  Thriving
  • Stage 10 – Review

These systematic stages are designed to develop an increasing level of knowledge about yourself as well as providing you with real tools and techniques for changing your unhelpful thought patterns.

Thrive Programme Testimonials

Read how a local lady overcame a number of problems including Bird Phobia, Low Self-Esteem and General Anxiety by following the Thrive Programme:

thrive programme wolverhamnpton - thrive testimonial womanI first contacted Paul in May 2012, as I was due to go on holiday and have a fear of birds, so I wanted to try hypnotherapy to help with my fear.  At the same time I was suffering anxiety about my health.

Before my appointment with Paul I had seem my doctor about health worries and he had suggested counselling as he thought it was anxiety that was giving me the health issues.

On my first meeting with Paul, I found him to be very easy to talk to and cry to (as i did often in the first few weeks).  I explained that although I had originally booked for hypnotherapy regarding birds,  I told him everything else i was feeling and worried over and what my doctor had said.  We chatted and Paul recommended the Thrive programme.

I decided to give it a go.  I read two chapters per week of the book and we discussed these at the next appointments and my answers to any of the questions.  I must say after the first three weeks and still feeling anxious I was a bit down hearted but i explained all this to Paul.

I then went on holiday and was totally relaxed, no health worries and even managed to sit eating outdoors when a bird landed by me.  I saw Paul on my return and explained that Id been totally relaxed on holiday but anxious when got home, Paul explained that I should take the positives from it and that I should be able to see that when I’m relaxed I am fine and therefore it is all about my style of thinking.

I completed the course and went on my way.  I was much more relaxed and had lots more self confidence.

It has now been about a month since my course finished.  I am most definitely more confident, not worried about what I think others think of me.

I still get anxious at times, but am doing my best to remember all i have learnt and to go back to reading the thrive book to help myself and not let things get me down like before.

Paul is very easy to talk to, witty, and doesn’t judge, I would recommend this thrive course.

Thank you Paul
Mrs C

You can read lots more testimonials as well as watch video testimonials on these pages.

What Sort of Problems Are Helped by the Thrive Programme?

The answer to this question is that the Thrive Programme can help you to solve ANY problem that is ‘psychological’ in it’s origin. This means any problem that is NOT caused by any biological or physiological problems and is, instead, a problem related to your thinking and perceptual modelling of the world and events that you experience.

Because Thrive is 100% scientific and based on researched evidence, it is particularly well suited to problems like:

Obviously it is impossible to write down a comprehensive list of problems that are helped with the Thrive Programme so if you are unsure then why not arrange for a completely free initial consultation with me by clicking the button below, or by sending me an e-mail at paul@wolverhamptonhypnotherapy.co.uk

Thrive Programme Payments

The Thrive Programme is only available as a 10 session course which costs £795. This cost includes your own copy of the Thrive Workbook which provides the structure for the training sessions.

All course payments are made on the Fees page. (Please click this link)

What’s it like to go through a course of  the Thrive Programme?

If you are thinking about following a course of the Thrive Programme with me then I think you’ll find the document below very useful.

Please feel free to download your own copy, or print it off directly.

Click HERE to Open the Document (pdf): A Course of the Thrive Programme

Arrange Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment Sessions

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