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Thrive Programme for Social Anxiety

I Beat Social Anxiety with the Thrive Programme

I first contacted Paul in March 2015 after a series of emotional breakdowns where I felt completely helpless and not good enough in any part of my life.

My partner was the only person to see this side of me and did not know how best to help me, I didn’t even know how to help myself!

I went for an IC with Paul which I cried for the entire time with Paul sitting opposite me, helpful, considerate with a box of tissues telling me that he would be able to help me, but even better, help me to help myself, to understand why I was thinking the way that I did.

So I took a big step and began the Thrive Programme.

Thrive has been the best experience for me to date.

I cannot thank Paul enough for his help and guidance; he truly is a remarkable man.

I suffered with severe social anxiety and low self esteem but Paul and the Thrive programme have shown me that I wasn’t as F***ed up as I thought I was!

By learning how to manage my thinking styles and beliefs I am now a completely different person to the one who walked through Paul’s door in March.

I cannot recommend Paul enough, he is a person who keeps you focused throughout and believes that you will learn how to thrive.

I am so happy to say that I AM Thriving and making a difference to how I want to lead my life.

What can I say, thank you for everything.


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About the Author:

A fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst since 1988, Paul now runs the TranceForm Psychology clinic in Wombourne, is a professional CBT Therapist and Thrive Consultant.