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Social Anxiety Disorder

Banish Social Anxiety Disorder in Wolverhampton

Social Anxiety Disorder - Girl Accused

Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear and Anxiety you experience when you believe that people (the social group in your environment) are making a negative judgement about you, or scrutinising you for some action that you have carried out.

It is the MOST COMMON form of Anxiety experienced by people, and although most sufferers recognise that it is irrational and disproportionate to the given situation, it tends to be quite difficult to overcome by will power alone!

It generally develops in the earlier stages in a persons life with research showing that 50% of all sufferers have the condition by just 11 years of age, and 80% of sufferers developing it by the age of 20.

Social Anxiety Disorder is known by a number of different names including:

  • Social Phobia
  • Social Anxiety
  • S.A.D.
  • Fear of Being Judged

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

The most frequent symptoms and behaviours are:

  • Feeling like you are constantly being evaluated by others
  • Sticking to the “rules”
  • Feeling awkward in social situations
  • Frequently blushing
  • Stuttering when under pressure (often self-imposed pressure)
  • Having Low Self Esteem
  • Avoiding eye-to-eye contact
  • Worried by Authority figures
  • Fearing Criticism
  • Frequently Feelings of Panic

Social Anxiety Disorder – Jo’s Story

Watch Jo’s Video about how Social Anxiety affected her life.


Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Although Social Anxiety Disorder can feel as though it is a “fixed” and “unchangeable” part of you as a person, this is not accurate – Social Anxiety Disorder is what we call a “limiting belief system” that has become an automatic, or habitual method of thinking for you.

The Anxious feelings that you experience are definitely real, but the cause of those feelings is actually your “thinking” and not the judgemental thoughts of other people. (For this to be true you would have to be able to read the minds of those people and as far as we know, this is not actually possible!)

However, as Social Anxiety is a “thinking style” that you have created for your “protection” (also called a “safety behaviour”) you can learn the techniques that will “un-create” it too!

Thoughts Create Emotions & Behaviours

The relationship between our “thinking styles” and our subsequent “behaviours” has been understood for many years, and in fact this connection forms the basis for nearly all of the “Cognitive Therapies” used throughout the world today, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and many other Dynamic interventions.

Cognitive Therapies of this sort have been PROVEN to produce real and permanent changes in people.

Types of Therapy available for Social Anxiety Disorder

We offer both Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy based solutions for Social Anxiety Disorder, in particular the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme – choosing the right type of therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder probably has more to do with you and your personality type rather than which form of therapy is more effective, so if you are in any doubt you can always arrange to come along for one of our FREE initial assessments and we will advise you based on which therapy we think is most suited to YOU.

You might also consider following the Thrive Programme for Social Anxiety at Thrive with Paul.

thrive programme for social anxiety wolverhampton

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