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Secret Eaters

Help for Secret Eaters in Wolverhampton

The phrase “Secret Eaters” has found it’s way into the everyday language thanks to the Channel Four Programme “Secret Eaters”.

secret eaters helped with hypnotherapy wolverhampton - woman in chocolate heaven

Despite the phrase “Secret Eaters” the reality is that some people eat much more food than they “realise”..what is known as “unconscious” or “habitual” eating.

These eating habits can account for 50% or more of people’s daily calorific intake leading to difficulty controlling or losing weight.

As trained Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists we fully understand these “unconscious” eating habits and can help you to not only identify them, but also to change them.

By using the weight loss approaches at the Wolverhampton Clinic, we will take you through the following phases to help you make permanent changes to your eating habits and lifestyle:

  • Phase One: Help you to recognise that you are “Unconsciously – Out Of Control”
  • Phase Two: Involve you in processes that help you to become fully aware of your habitual eating and help you to become “Consciously – Out of control”
  • Phase Three: Introduce new techniques and methods to help you introduce “control” around your eating, to become “Consciously – In Control”
  • Phase Four: Finally to help you to shift the new, fully conscious relationship with food into that of a new habit, or to become “Unconsciously – In Control”

How can we help Secret Eaters?

We have many years experience in helping people to lose weight and make permanent changes to their “eating habits” using a range of different therapies.

Whichever therapy is best for you, we aim to help you make long lasting changes.

Types of Therapy available for Secret Eaters

We offer both Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy based solutions for Secret Eaters – choosing the right type of therapy for Secret Eaters probably has more to do with you and your personality type rather than which form of therapy is more effective, so if you are in any doubt you can always arrange to come along for one of our FREE initial assessments and we will advise you based on which therapy we think is most suited to YOU.

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