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Therapy Prices


The Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy clinic is a high quality service that serves discerning clients from all over the West Midlands.

We know that there are many Therapists offering ‘cheaper’ Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy than ourselves but we believe that our reputation and quality of service is second to none.

We DO NOT offer “instant cures”, “magic”, “spiritual insight” or any other speculative form of help, just proper evidence-based Hypnotherapy and scientifically backed-up applied psychology.

For this reason, most of our therapy solutions involve at least 3-4 hours of work that are designed to help you make real and lasting changes.

Pervasive and deeply-rooted issues may require more intensive therapy and it is not uncommon for therapy to extend over several months, particularly for problems such as Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorders.

Any single session payments are cash only please.

Free Initial Assessments

We offer ALL prospective clients a completely FREE Initial Assessment (Consultation) to discuss your particular issues.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet and chat with us BEFORE you decide to proceed with any kind of help. We believe that you should be able to make an “Informed” decision before you make any financial commitment.

Courses & Programme Prices:

Initial Consultations & Assessments


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Single Sessions £80

4 hour programmes £280

8 hour programmes £480

Top-up Sessions £70 (following completion of any course)

Paediatric Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis for Children

Single sessions £90 – cash only

Fear of Flying Course

3 sessions including ‘Fly Happy’ book and CD £280

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

Single sessions £80

4 hour programmes £280

8 hour programmes £480

Top-up Sessions £70 (following completion of any course)

The Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

10 session course of applied psychology (10 hours) £795

Cure Emetophobia Programme

10 session course of applied psychology (10 hours) £795

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Course

Single sessions £80

10 session course £650

Top-up Sessions £70 (following completion of any course)

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System (Hypno-Band)

4 sessions (5 hours) including support pack and CDs £495

Hypno-Band Premium Course

Full course of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy plus 7 monthly follow-up sessions of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy £895

Positive Mindset Course

10 sessions of BWRT, Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP including Mindset Booster CD £595

Stop Smoking Programme

2 hour session combining BWRT & Clinical Hypnotherapy £195

Book a FREE Initial Assessment

For details of the Initial Assessment please click this link.

Course Payments

Please select the course payment you want from the drop-down options before clicking the payment button.