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Hypno-Band Premium Package

Hypno-Band Premium – 12 Sessions Full Support Programme

As an upgrade to our standard Hypno-band gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss programme we offer this programme which comprises of 12 sessions.

The first five sessions follow the original Hypno-Band system, but then you can schedule a further seven sessions of support to help you maintain your changes.

These additional sessions are designed to help you fully consolidate your new ‘eating habits’ as well as provide a range of evidence based therapeutic and motivational tools so to keep you slimmer and focused on your goals.

The extra support that comes with Hypno-Band Premium encompasses many of the tools that you can find in Joan’s Positive Mindset Course which you can read about here.


Why Might I Need Extra Support?

This really depends on how long you have had problems losing weight and how much weight you want to lose.

For many people with ‘transient’ weight problems (problems of losing and gaining successfully over a few years) our standard Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system is usually highly effective.

But some people have spent many years trying to lose weight without any success and have consistently gained weight, perhaps because of a deeper level of emotional eating. For these people, the extra seven sessions offered in our Hypno-Band Premium package can help by dedicating more time to uncovering and solving these deeper problems leading to more sustainable weight loss results.

Joan offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic modalities including Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and many more.

How Much Does Hypno-Band Premium Cost?

The full package, including the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss system, costs £895 which equates to just under £75 per session.

You can purchase your Premium Package using your debit or credit card on our fees page or in the sidebar on the right (lower down the page on mobile devices).

As with all of our sessions and therapies, we invite you to come into our offices for a FREE initial chat about the programme – arrange yours by clicking the button below.

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Initial Assessment Sessions

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