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Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton

Health Anxiety is the newly adopted name for what used to be called “Hypochondria” and is characterised by an almost constant pre-occupation with the physical well-being of one’s own health – most frequently this will take the form of constant reviewing of how one feels.

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This hyper-vigilance of “feedback” from the body, for example, heart palpitations, headaches, stomach murmurs and so on can become very obsessive.

People suffering Health Anxiety will almost certainly make regular visits to the local A&E when they experience one of their symptoms and will invariably be assured that “there is nothing wrong with them” by the medical staff there!

Despite the reassurances, however, sufferers will continue to believe that they genuinely have something wrong with them that the doctors are missing.

Additionally health anxiety sufferers will spend many hours screening the internet to try and find out as much as they can about what their bodily symptoms could possibly ‘mean’ to verify their idea that the medical profession have simply not understood the complexity of their problem.

Why Do I Suffer Health Anxiety?

The majority of people who we have consulted with us for health anxiety problems seem to have two common factors:

  1. An Obsessive personality type
  2. High use of Catastrophic language patterns

This has led us to believe that in most cases the bodily symptoms that sufferers tend to present with are almost certainly the result of badly managed thinking or cognitive distortions rather than as a result of real physical problems.

It is also possible that those people who have lost close relatives or friends to an illness could develop this preoccupation with health problems as a result of not dealing with their loss very effectively. This might be the case even if this loss was some years ago.

Types of Therapy for Health Anxiety

We offer both Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy based solutions for Health Anxiety – choosing the right type of therapy probably has more to do with you and your personality type rather than which form of therapy is more effective, so if you are in any doubt, or would like to find out more, you can always arrange to come along for one of our FREE initial assessments and we will advise you based on which therapy we think is most suited to YOU.

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