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Gastric Band Hypnosis in Wolverhampton


Feel Fuller Eating Smaller Portions of Food with the Hypno-Band Gastric Band Hypnosis Programme

Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight LossGastric Band Hypnosis is a weight loss programme that combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and Clinical Hypnosis principles to help convince your mind that you have a gastric band fitted so that you feel fuller and more satisfied with smaller portions of food enabling you to consume less calories during any given day.

Although every individual has their own specific “issues and problems” surrounding their over-eating habits, people who are really committed to losing weight and understand that they need to make some changes in their lives, can succeed with this programme.

Globally, over 900 practitioners help thousands of people just like YOU to make these permanent changes to their lives and so I am confident that gastric band hypnosis can help you.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Videos


Gastric Band Hypnosis on the Television

The “Hypno-Band” Gastric Band Hypnosis weight loss system has swept the country and not only made it on to Channel Four’s “Embarrassing Bodies” but has also featured on GMTV and separately on Lorraine Kelly’s morning show.

Just click onto the video below to see Dr. Hillary and Lorraine Kelly talking to Kaye Lindley a headteacher who had gastric band hypnosis at the Elite Clinic in Spain and dropped 6 dress sizes losing over 6 stones!

Visit the main Hypno-Band Gastric Band Hypnosis Website here.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Practitioner Joan Lee

Gastric Band Hypnosis Practitioner Joan Lee - Hypnotherapy WolverhamptonThe revolutionary system devised by John Maclean, is a weight loss system designed to help you make permanent changes to your eating habits enabling you to lose weight and keep it off.

Joan is a fully licensed Hypno-Band Gastric Band Hypnosis therapist able to deliver the weight loss system to the highest standards.

How does Gastric Band Hypnosis work?

The Gastric Band Hypnosis techniques work by helping you to eat smaller portions of food and feel fuller for longer.

Over the course of five sessions you will learn new eating habits using a combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and your mind will also be “re-programmed” to believe that your stomach is much smaller and therefore you will feel fuller quicker.

Unlike ordinary dieting approaches, gastric band hypnosis helps you to make “internal” changes to your relationship with food and by changing this relationship you can “take control” and stop Yo-Yo dieting.

Suitable For Gastric Band Hypnotherapy WolverhamptonAm I Suitable?

If you have lost control of your eating, and want to lose weight then the techniques used in the gastric band hypnosis system can almost certainly help in a controlled and consistent way, however, the gastric band hypnosis system can NOT make you change without you really wanting to change and it is critically important that you REALLY want to become slimmer.

The techniques are suitable for most “personality types” but occasionally some people find parts of the process more difficult than others.

In these cases Joan is normally able to use one of her other therapy techniques to help you overcome those obstacles. (For example NLP techniques).

Joan Can Help YOU To Take Control & Lose Weight!

The therapy techniques used in Gastric Band Hypnosis are established techniques (CBT is a proven intervention for changing behaviours) that work, however, the process is NOT magic and if your expectations are that you pay your money and then don’t have to make any changes, then you are going to be disappointed.

Not everybody will lose with gastric band hypnosis simply because some people will not want to take any responsibility for changing, or sometimes do not know how to change.

But, if you are really committed to becoming slimmer, if you really want to change your life, then the system can help you to take control and make permanent changes.

The Gastric Band Hypnosis Sessions

The Gastric Band Hypnosis programme takes place over five sessions normally over a period of a few weeks, but this programme can be flexed around the most convenient times frames.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Intake SessionDuring this first session we will be gathering important information about you, your lifestyle & your desired outcomes.
The session includes:

  1. Establishing your current weight
  2. Your medical history
  3. Your personal background
  4. Starting a “food & triggers” diary
Gastric Band Hypnosis Changing Habits SessionIn this session we will be analysing your eating “triggers” and “implanting” substitute response to those triggers.
The session includes:

  1. Review of your food diary
  2. First session of Hypnosis
  3. Second “weigh-in”
  4. Discussion of any problems encountered
Gastric Band Hypnosis Meet the Surgeon SessionIn this session, you will meet your “virtual” surgical team who will be fitting your “device” – in your mind of course!
The session includes:

  1. Review of your food diary to date
  2. Third “weigh-in”
  3. Second Hypnosis session
  4. Do’s & Don’t’s on surgery day
gastric-band-hypnosis-virtual-surgery-sessionThis is the day we take you through the virtual surgery session to fit your “gastric band”.
The session includes:

  1. Review of your food diary to date
  2. Fourth “weigh-in”
  3. Hypnosis session
  4. Post Operative Diet Guidance
Gastric Band Hypnosis Band Adjustment SessionFor your final visit, we will make, if needed, any small adjustments to the tightness of your “device”.
The session includes:

  1. Final review of your food diary
  2. Fifth “weigh-in”
  3. Review of habits
  4. Going forward on your own

What Clients Said About Gastric Band Hypnosis


elderly-lady-has-gastric-band-hypnosisI went to see Joan 5 weeks ago from the moment I met her a was instantly put at ease, its hard being a pensioner and doing some thing like this, but I had no need to worry it was great.

Joan is such a lovely person,she told me that her husband Paul had done Gastric Band Hypnosis on her a few years ago, it proved successful and she knew what she was talking about, I have now lost 12lbs and doing good.

If I need to speak to Joan she is there for me, so if you are thinking of gastric band hypnosis get in touch with Joan I promise you will not regret it.

A big thank you once again Joan xx


I-lost-weight-with-gastric-band-hypnosis-in-wolverhampton-with-joan-leeI’d read about Gastric Band Hypnosis last year and I started to review the this web-site before Christmas, reading through the testimonials.

I wanted to begin (another) weight loss programme in the new year but I also wanted something that would change my life and not change something for a short period.

I went to see Joan in January and I knew from that first meeting that this was something that would change my life by changing the way I thought about food.

From the first consultation (literally) I have thought about food as something I need to live, rather than living for my next meal.

Since the band has been fitted I have been eating (considerably) smaller portions, stopped thinking about food and my next meal and as a result stopped snacking, broken long-standing habits and found myself with so much more energy.

I’m walking on average 6 miles each week without even thinking about it.

So far I’ve lost over 1 stone and am confident that I will reach my target by next Christmas.

The difference this time is that I am not dieting.

I am eating the same meals as the family but small amounts and I’m not rushing when I eat.

All these changes are definitely for life and I am recommending this to anyone who will listen to me!

Lots of love

Debbie xxxx



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Pay for a Course of Gastric Band Hypnosis

Gastric Band Hypnosis comprises of 5 sessions to help you with your weight loss aims.

Price £495.

Pay for a Premium Course with 12 sessions support

This Premium version is our fully supported 12 session programme.

You get the normal 5 session system and then another 7 sessions for ongoing support from Joan.

Price £895

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