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Fear of Being Sick

Fear of Being Sick Therapy in Wolverhampton

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The Fear of Being Sick is also widely known as Emetophobia.

The fear of being sick is reckoned to affect around 3,000,000 sufferers in the UK, which is around 5% of the population but surprisingly – up until fairly recently – it has not been either well known or particularly well understood.

However, all that has now changed and for the vast majority of sufferers, a solution is available that is as close to what can be described as a “cure” as there has ever been.

The Fear of Being Sick is well understood and Paul has been helping sufferers to overcome it since the original Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme was devised in 2009 – in recent times this programme has been renamed the ‘Thrive Programme’ although the principles are the same.

Fear of Being Sick Wolverhampton Specialist

Paul is a specialist in helping those with the Fear of Being Sick to change the Limiting Beliefs that underpin this condition.

Research supports the idea that certain “personality types” are more able to create and “foster” these “thinking styles” and “limiting beliefs” that support the notion that being sick is somehow so “bad” that it must be avoided at all costs.

These avoidance strategies can become so engrossing in themselves that just getting on with life itself can seem like an up-hill battle.

The paradox with the Fear of Being Sick though is that it is these very avoidance strategies that are primarily responsible for creating the Anxiety and Panic Attacks associated with the problem, and not, as is mistakenly believed, the act of being sick itself.

In other words, people who have a Fear of Being Sick develop a set of “safety behaviours” designed to reduce the likelihood of being sick (and the Anxiety that comes with it) that actually creates all the Anxiety in the first place.

This paradox is well known within the Psychological field and is summed-up in the Phrase:

Your Solution to Your Problem, IS Your problem!

Common Behaviours Associated with Fear of Being Sick

Most people suffering from the Fear of Being Sick demonstrate numerous behavioural traits, including:

  • Almost total abstinence from Alcohol – drunk people are frequently sick
  • Reluctance to eat out in restaurants – the food might be cooked properly leading to illness
  • Avoidance of social events with lots of people – more people in a room, more chance of somebody being sick
  • Avoidance of Pregnancy – pregnancy equals morning sickness
  • Avoid long car journeys – might become travel sick
  • Avoid Air Travel – might become air sick or see people with air sickness
  • Avoid Friends or Family who have young children – young children are often sick / might catch their “sickness bug”
  • Have Low Self Esteem – Fear of Being Sick makes the sufferer feel “stupid”
  • Demonstrate Catastrophic language patterns – will frequently use the phrase “Horrific”

I hope that you can see from this list that we have an excellent level of understanding about this problem and are therefore in a much better position than most to help you overcome it.

Therapy for the Fear of Being Sick Wolverhampton

Fear of Being Sick Wolverhampton WorkbookThe process that we use to help you overcome the Fear of Being Sick is called the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme, or CLB.

CLB is a course of Applied Psychology that is fully backed by scientific research and has a really excellent success rate (Read the Research here – Fear of Being Sick Research) in dealing with this particular problem.

In fact, because the process is so successful at dealing with the Fear of Being sick, there is a dedicated work-book specifically written with sufferers in mind.

This book is called “Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive”.

Although many people can make excellent progress simply by buying and studying the book in their own time, experience here at the Wolverhampton clinic supports the idea that following the course in a structured way with a skilled therapist experienced in this problem can help you to make very significant improvements.

The Fear of Being Sick course that we offer here in Wolverhampton takes place over 10 sessions

If you’d like to find out about Paul and overcoming YOUR fear of being sick by changing your limiting beliefs, then simply contact me to arrange one of my Initial Assessments to discuss what’s involved.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme for the Fear of Being Sick is only available as a complete course of 10 sessions costing £795.

You can Pay for your 10 session Course on our FEES page here.

Fear of Being Sick Success Stories

July 2014 – Riccardo

Before I met Paul I was in a bad place, I wouldn’t leave my house or do anything because I lacked confidence and also because of my Fear of Being Sick.

The CLB programme has made me realise how to control my thoughts and made me realise how I was the one creating the fear, not only has it helped me overcome my fear but also its changed me as a person.

I’ve quit my job and I’m now pursuing a career as a gardener, which I want, this is because Paul and the programme have given me a burst of confidence. It’s helped open my eyes to many things and not only just my fear.

I’m now able to manage my thinking and control it. I would recommend this programme to everyone; even those without phobias etc. It really has opened my eyes to a new life, a better me.

Thank you Paul and make sure you keep in touch

Riccardo Woolcock

February 2014 – Paul H

I had suffered from ‘fear of being sick’ and anxiety since I can remember (I’m 26 now) and at the start of 2014 I decided to do something about it.

After looking online for help I came across the CLB Programme and did some research into it (I was sceptical after going through counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy and not really improving) and I found Paul’s site.

After reading through it about 10 times I decided to give him a call and arranged my initial consultation.

I can honestly say Paul is one of the nicest people I have met and he made me feel relaxed and calm straight away.

During our consultation we talked about the programme and what it involved and I knew there and then that it was something I wanted to do.

I have currently had 5 sessions with Paul and my life has completely changed, I am more confident, relaxed and happy.

I have overcome many of the ‘issues’ I had when I started the programme and well on my way to beating others.

This programme is challenging but in a good way as you learn about who you are as a person and that we all have the power in us to change and thrive gives you the skills and confidence to ….. Thrive.

I would advise anybody who suffers with the fear of being sick, anxiety or any other issue that is stopping you living your life to do this programme.

Paul H.

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