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Emetophobia – Fear of Vomiting

A Scientific Based Programme for Emetophobia in Wolverhampton

Emetophobia - Girl Being Sick in Toilet

Emetophobia is frequently a “SECRET PHOBIA” as most sufferers feel so “daft” or “embarrassed” about it that often they will not even tell their spouses about it for several years!

It is more widely known as the Fear of Being Sick and is reckoned to affect almost 5% of the population!

Although Emetophobia seems to be more prevalent in females, it certainly does affect males and we have helped a number here in our clinic. (See our Testimonials below)

But we’ve got GREAT NEWS, after more than 25 years of working and understanding the problem of literally thousands of sufferers, a definitive way of totally overcoming your Emetophobia is finally available.

Rob Kelly, creator and author of the Thrive Programme also carried out probably the most comprehensive Research Survey that has ever been performed on Emetophobia and the results that have been achieved with this very specific programme have been truly remarkable.

(You can read & download this research paper at the bottom of the page)

84.7% of sufferers found that their Symptoms went from having a severe and significant impact on their daily lives to having “little or no impact” at all, with the remaining 15.3% of sufferers also reporting that their symptoms were still reduced to a “modest” level of impact.

Cure Emetophobia & Thrive – The Best Selling Book

cure-emetophobia-bookBy following this specially adapted version of the best-selling Thrive Programme Book by Rob Kelly, you too can make all of the modifications to the way that you think and feel and totally overcome your Emetophobia.

This structured course will help you to understand exactly what it is about the way that YOU see the world  that actually creates the phobia in the first place – that’s right – YOU actually created the Emetophobia and because you created it, you CAN also un-create it!

Learning how to Cure Your Emetophobia and Thriving involves following the course in a structured way with myself over a number of progressive sessions.

Typically, this ranges from around 6 – 10 sessions, depending on (1) the amount of effort you put into the course, and (2) the severity of your Emetophobia in the first place.

We have developed a way of measuring this severity using a specific tool designed & developed uniquely for Emetophobia sufferers.

This diagnostic tool allows us to compare your Emetophobic symptoms both before and after the course has been completed.

Emetophobia Treatment

Following the Thrive Programme with Emetophobia Specialist Paul Lee is challenging and is certainly not like anything you’ve done before!

It will challenge many of the things that you believe to be absolutely TRUE (but are in fact YOUR unique perception).

Evidence shows, however, that IF you are prepared to follow the course and put in 100% effort, then the chances of you successfully overcoming Emetophobia are extremely good.

Read about our Emetophobia Treatment here

Following the Emetophobia Course

The Emetophobia treatment takes place over a number of sessions which will be dictated by the severity (See our Emetophobia Severity Questionnnaire) of your particular Emetophobia – for many people this can be 6 sessions, but just as many sufferers seem to require a lengthier time frame, often up to 10 sessions.

The process involves:

  • Using a number of diagnostic tools to evaluate your levels of “Self-Esteem”, “Social Anxiety” your sense of “Control” over your life and environment and also the “Severity” of your symptoms
  • Lots of “homework” – involving both “practical” as well as “intellectual” exercises
  • Recording thoughts & Feelings
  • Listening to and evaluating your own “internal dialogue”
  • Systematically challenging certain facets of your “belief systems”
  • Learning about your particular “personality type”
  • Understanding the “thinking styles” that your “personality types” tend to exhibit
  • Learning specific psychological tools that enable you to create much more positive “evaluations”

And much, much more!

Did you know that Emetophobia Symptoms can come in a wide variety of “forms”?

  • Fear of Being Sick oneself
  • Fear of being sick in public
  • Fear of seeing others be sick
  • Fear of the sound of someone being sick
  • Fear of people laughing at you for being sick
  • Fear of making a fool of yourself in public

In fact Emetophobia can present itself in a whole host of different ways, but whichever form of Emetophobia you happen to suffer with, this specially developed, research-backed & evidence based psychological training programme can help you like it has helped hundreds of sufferers to date.

How Severe is YOUR Emetophobia?

If you’d like to find out the degree of “severity” of your Emetophobia, then try out our Emetophobia Questionnaire here.

How Much Does the Emetophobia Course Cost?

The Thrive Programme for Emetophobia is only available as a complete course of 10 sessions costing £795, the nationally set price by the Thrive Organisation

You can Pay for your 10 session Emetophobia Course on our FEES page here.

Emetophobia Success Stories

“I wouldn’t Leave the House”

Emetophobia Solved by Riccardo WoolcockBefore I met Paul I was in a bad place, I wouldn’t leave my house or do anything because I lacked confidence and also because of my emetophobia.

The thrive programme has made me realise how to control my thoughts and made me realise how I was the one creating the fear, not only has it helped me overcome my fear but also its changed me as a person.

I’ve quit my job and I’m now pursuing a career as a gardener, which I want, this is because Paul and the programme have given me a burst of confidence.

It’s helped open my eyes to many things and not only just my fear. I’m now able to manage my thinking and control it. I would recommend this programme to everyone; even those without phobias etc.

It really has opened my eyes to a new life, a better me.

Thank you Paul and make sure you keep in touch

Riccardo Woolcock


“Life Changing!” Emetophobia Cured with the Thrive Programme

Male SilhouetteI had suffered from ‘Emetophobia’ and anxiety since I can remember (I’m 26 now) and at the start of 2014 I decided to do something about it.

After looking on-line for help I came across the Thrive Programme and did some research into it (I was sceptical after going through counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy and not really improving) and I found Paul’s site.

After reading through it about 10 times I decided to give him a call and arranged my initial consultation.

I can honestly say Paul is one of the nicest people I have met and he made me feel relaxed and calm straight away.

During our consultation we talked about the programme and what it involved and I knew there and then that it was something I wanted to do.

I have currently had 5 sessions with Paul and my life has completely changed, I am more confident, relaxed and happy. I have overcome many of the ‘issues’ I had when I started the programme and well on my way to beating others.

This programme is challenging but in a good way as you learn about who you are as a person and that we all have the power in us to change and thrive gives you the skills and confidence to ….. Thrive.

I would advise anybody who suffers with emetophobia, anxiety or any other issue that is stopping you living your life to do this programme.

Paul H.


“J”  – Emetophobia & the Thrive Programme
Female SilhouetteI first came to see Paul in October 2012 with my Fiancé about my ’emetophobia’, as at the time I felt the whole process was too delicate to deal with alone.

I was so down about my ‘emetophobia’ that coming to see Paul was my last resort, after having a course of unsuccessful CBT on the NHS.

After this had failed, I really didn’t see a way of me getting better.

Along with my ‘emetophobia’, I had picked up other traits that were really bringing me down, such as anxiety, panic attacks and low self esteem.

‘Emetophobia’ put my life on hold in many ways. I never felt I could tackle things on my own, such as simple every day things like eating a meal out, and on very anxious occasions, even in my own home, purely because I feared I would be sick.

I would find it extremely difficult when I went on holiday, as I feared the foreign food would make me ill. Being around people who were ill would send me into a complete anxiety attack, and I would quarantine myself to ‘protect’ me from the ‘sickness bug’.

Before I came to see Paul, I never imagined myself ever having children, as the whole thought of going through a pregnancy, and then having to look after a baby/child when it was ill, was just unthinkable.

Paul knew just the programme for me called the ‘Thrive’ programme, a programme I read and completed at home, and would then come to him weekly to review my progress, that unbelievably, we began to notice improve really quickly.

Paul increased my confidence so much, and because of that, the effort I put in to getting myself better increased.

Through working with Paul, I have come to realise that I don’t, and even never have had ‘emetophobia’ (hence the quotation marks around that word every time I mention it) instead; I just have badly managed thinking and limiting belief systems.

It was thinking that I had ‘emetophobia’ that kept the ‘fear’ going. It’s amazing how much you actually relax once you realise the phobia isn’t effecting you, but instead your own thoughts and limiting beliefs are.

When I have unhelpful thoughts crop up in my mind, I am able now to control them, and when I say to myself that its me who’s creating these thoughts, no one else, and certainly not the thing called ‘emetophobia’ it puts things back into perspective, and I can soon go back to getting on with my day-to-day tasks.

Eating out is now a pleasure, not a massive worry, and I can happily eat out with people who I’m even not that close to. However when I do have the OCCASIONAL blip, I know now that everyone can have a bad day, and that it’s ok to feel it sometimes, it doesn’t mean I’m taking a step back.

Since meeting Paul, I’ve set up my own small business making balloons, and couldn’t be happier. Eventually, I’d like to quit my day job and do it full time.

It’s since my self-esteem has grown that I’ve been able to do this.

I travelled over an hour away from my home on my own, motorway driving, to attend balloon classes, and when there, did not have any panic/anxiety/’emetophobic’ thoughts, because I was doing something I absolutely loved, but of course before I met Paul, this wouldn’t have been possible.

I also have better relationships with my friends, as before I found it very hard to become close to anyone other than my fiancé.

Through limiting beliefs, I never thought I’d get on with other girls, but since starting the programme with Paul, I have amazing relationships with my friends. I went shopping for a whole day with my friend, something I previously found incredibly intimidating and anxious, but I had a wonderful time, and the friendship between us grew even closer. I’ve even been asked to be a godmother to one of my friends daughters.

Paul’s been fantastic, we’ve laughed more times than what I’ve felt down, and in a therapy session, that’s pretty unheard of.

Before I came to see Paul, I couldn’t actually say what I wanted to do with my life, I couldn’t imagine my future.

Now, I know exactly what I want to do, where I want to be, and the thought of starting a family further in the future no longer scares me, but actually excites me.

Thanks a lot Paul, keep in touch.

Emetophobia Research Paper

During the development of this unique programme especially devised for the treatment of Emetophobia, Rob Kelly’s research team carried out the most comprehensive research survey on the effects of the Thrive Programme on the symptoms of Emetophobia.

This paper shows conclusively that the severity of symptoms are drastically reduced following this course.

You can download your own copy if this paper if you wish – just hover your pointer/mouse over the bottom of the document and you will see a number of options available.

Click HERE to Read The Emetophobia Research Paper

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