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Cognitive Weight Loss Programme

Cognitive Weight Loss in Wolverhampton

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The Cognitive Weight Loss Programme is a course of applied Psychology ( Including both our Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) aimed at helping you understand how your Thinking (cognition) affects your Feelings (Behaviour) and then develops individually tailored Activity Based Strategies that can help you really make changes.

At the Heart of the Cognitive Weight Loss Programme is the knowledge that the “needs” of your body and the thinking that “makes” you eat more than you actually need, are not “working” in the same “direction”.

What you THINK affects your BEHAVIOUR (including eating!)

  • The Cognitive Weight Loss Programme is NOT a Diet – Diets are just not that successful if your thinking is not “right”…..
  • The Cognitive Weight Loss Programme – can help you to identify the “triggers” that lead you to eat when you don’t “need” to…..
  • The Cognitive Weight Loss Programme – can help you to “reverse” the negative cycle of eating to “feel good” with a new more positive cycle of feeling good because you are in “control” of your eating……

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (commonly known as CBT) is an NHS approved “talking intervention” based on the idea that “what we think (Cognition) affects the way we feel (Behave), and what we feel affects the way we think.”

It can help with many problems and symptoms in a different way to other interventions by helping “sufferers” to understand how they think and feel TODAY rather than dealing with the cause of those thoughts and feelings from, perhaps, an earlier period of time.

In other words it is very effective at helping people to deal with how they are affected NOW.

It is more suited to people who either do not want, or cannot (for certain technical reasons) to use Clinical Hypnotherapy.

CBT is often offered by GP’s as an alternative to the prescribing of anti-depressants and has been proven to be a very effective therapeutic technique.

What happens in the Cognitive Weight Loss Programme?

The Cognitive Weight Loss Programme involves uncovering, understanding and then changing those thoughts that lead to behaviours and feelings that are stopping you living your life to the full.

CBT can help you to “get to the bottom” of these thought patterns, see them with a more “balanced” point of view, and then set about changing those behaviours through various techniques and methods.

The Cognitive Weight Loss programme is Client Specific (everybody is different after all!) and generally requires somewhere between 6 and 10 sessions depending on your personal circumstances.

With the Cognitive Weight Loss Programme you will find it much easier to stick to your your chosen food routine, consistently see weight loss and be much more in control when it comes to maintaining your weight loss goals.

The Cognitive Weight Loss Programme is a face-to-face system tailor made for YOU.

Cognitive Weight Loss Programme Overview

During the sessions we will:-

  • Help you how to use some key cognitive techniques in order to prepare for adopting a healthy eating regime
  • Help you to understand some of your own personal “Cognitive styles”
  • Help you to identify Healthy and Nutritional Food Options
  • Help you to eat food on a much more “conscious” level
  • Help you to identify and manage your own personal “triggers”
  • Help you to understand and better manage some of the “cognitive triggers” around you
  • Help you to develop a personal exercise routine
  • Help you to set a sensible, achievable and realistic target weight
  • Help you to set a realistic time-frame in which to achieve your target weight
  • Help you to develop a time management plan in order to be able to follow the system plan
  • Help you to identify, understand and then modify some of the unhelpful thoughts that might de-rail you
  • Help you to understand the negative cognitive cycle of comfort eating so that you can recognise the “traps”
  • Help you compile “evidence” that “being in control” feels BETTER than being “out of control”
  • Help you develop tools and techniques for dealing with your “negative internal cognitive dialogue”

How Much is the Cognitive Weight Loss Programme?

The Cognitive Weight Loss course lasts for a full 10 weeks and costs £795. It is a fully adapted version of the Changing Limiting Beliefs programme which you can purchase on our fees page or on the right hand side of this page (PayPal payment system)

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Initial Assessment Sessions

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