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Changing Limiting Beliefs (CLB) Programme

Changing Limiting Beliefs in Wolverhampton with Psychology & Psychotherapy

Changing Limiting Beliefs is our most effective type of therapeutic model for overcoming psychological problems and is a highly structured programme delivered over approximately 10 weeks. The programme is based entirely on scientifically established principles and peer-reviewed research.

A limiting belief is a pattern of cognition that allows a person to interpret external events or situations and is also known as a ‘paradigm’.

Changing Limiting Beliefs focuses attention on unhelpful thinking patterns (paradigms) and develops an individual strategy to identify and transform these limits into more useful models which subsequently influence a persons external experiences. In other words, by changing your own limiting beliefs you will experience the world in a different way, both intellectually and emotionally!

The Changing Limiting Beliefs course is a highly effective multi-session coaching programme that can help you to see and evaluate experiences in a new and different way and will also provide you with the insight and knowledge to achieve all the things in life that you would like to, that may currently seem “out of your reach.”

Changing Limiting Beliefs is a “directive” programme that mixes concepts from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as some unique integrative approaches gained from more than 28 years of experience working with Psycho-dynamic approaches to personal development.

Paul was coached by Rob Kelly in 2009 in all aspects of limiting beliefs and has been delivering this programme ever since.

What is the CLB Programme?

CLB is a programme for Changing Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are any specific beliefs that we hold that limit us in some way, or prevent us from achieving what we want.

It’s essentially a Cognitive Coaching Programme that teaches people how to overcome mental obstacles and other hurdles in their lives, by managing their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and thinking styles more effectively.

The programme is highly structured and develops Knowledge as well as Practical Tools in order to help you to change in a progressive, systematic and beneficial way.

CLB Programme – Methodology

Research also shows that people will only invest their energy, time and commitment to achieving a goal – any goal – once they BELIEVE that their efforts will be successful.

The Changing Limiting Beliefs programme is a process that allows a person – through guided self-awareness exercises – to understand that they CAN overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles, by recognising how their own thoughts and beliefs were either causing or contributing to the problems in the first place.

Once the person can clearly identify that their problems are caused (or contributed-to) by ineffective management of their thinking and are shown some simple, understandable and predictable techniques that they can use to change their limiting paradigms, they will put in a more determined effort to achieve their goals because they believe they will be successful.

Changing Limiting Beliefs amalgamates a range of proven methodologies including CBT, Schema Therapy, Coherence Therapy, NLP and Psychoanalysis.

It can help a person to understand:

  • How their cognitive processes work
  • How their belief systems are formed in early developmental periods as learned behaviours
  • How their personality type and their thinking styles interact together and create cognitive bias
  • How their limiting beliefs hold them back in life, including the development of maladaptive coping mechanisms
  • Why their belief in external influencers have such a big impact upon them

It is because the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme helps people to attain this high degree of self-awareness, that they are able to clearly see what they need to do in order to ‘improve’, and why they are then also willing to put in as much effort as is required.

Overview of the CLB Programme

The following is “typical” schedule for a course of the CLB Programme but I will always tailor the programme so that it is delivered at a pace consistent with each individual client’s ability to assimilate it and also in keeping with an individual “unique human characteristics”.

Stage 1 –  Psychometric evaluation session and an introduction to the idea of limiting beliefs

Stage 2 –  Symptomology Paradigms & Developmental Foundations

Stage 3 –  Self efficacy and your perception of your ability to influence your life course

Stage 4 –  Investigating your self-perception and how to improve it

Stage 5 –  Understanding your Social interactions and constructions

Stage 6 –  Analysis of your mal-adaptive coping mechanisms and consequential outcomes

Stage 7 –  Linguistics and how the words you use alter perceptions

Stage 8 – The roles Anxiety & Stress play in maintaining symptomology

Stage 9 – Goal Setting strategies

Stage 10 – Consolidation

How Much is the CLB Programme?

This 10 session programme costs £795 with one hour sessions held each week.

Please visit our Fees page here.

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