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Cat Whisperer Ash

Cat Whisperer – Ash

Rebecca and Ash came to see Joan in Autumn 2017 to help Ash overcome his phobia of cats – people can hardly believe the change after just one session of Hypnosis for Children!

Hi Joan,

I hope you remember me and Ash, who came to see you due to his fear of cats.

….. you turned my terrified little boy into the cat whisperer! So much so that 6 weeks ago when it came to our attention that another kitten was being mistreated he begged me to take him in, and we now have two little furry friends for him to play with.

Both kittens are like his best friends now. One is a boy, the other is a girl and neither have been neutered yet so they’re currently being kept separate, Leo (the boy) sleeps in with Ash and I can often hear him talking to him and playing with him in the night.

Leo was recently very poorly as a result of the mistreatment he had before we saved him and he spent nearly a week in the animal hospital on an IV and Ash missed him so much and was so worried. It was a far cry from him asking me to get rid of Luna not long after having her! Remember he used to spend time in his bedroom to avoid being in the same room as her? Now he gets stroppy if she wants cuddles from someone else!

No one that witnesses Ash with the cats can believe the change in him. It really is like a different child and I wanted to thank you so much for giving up your time to make such a massive difference in our lives.

Best Regards,


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