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Anxiety Testimonials

All of the following Anxiety Testimonials have been provided with full permission by the people who overcame Anxiety with us here at Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy.

Mrs. D

“I came to see Paul in February 2011, as i was suffering with anxiety, depression and  separation anxiety, also had great difficulty sleeping!

I can honestly say I had hit the lowest point in my entire life and didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, I had tried a lot of different types of therapy but they didn’t work one bit and made my situation worse, my last and only option was Paul.

I didn’t hold out much hope but I didn’t have anything to lose, but to my amazement, with Paul’s help and determination and the therapy that he chose for me.

I am now not the same person I was 5 months ago.

I have turned into the most confident person I have ever been, I feel I can do anything if I put my mind to it, all the things I could never do, I can do them now.

I don’t struggle with day to day living like i used to, I haven’t felt anxious in a while and if I ever was to feel that way again then I am confident enough to say I would beat it as fast as it came.

The best way I can describe Paul and Hypnoanalysis and changing limited beliefs is FANTASTIC!

Paul has given me my life back in so many ways, he has taught me a better way of thinking and this was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

Thank-u Paul.

Anyone who is thinking of having any kind of therapy from Paul then go for it, it really does work!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Mrs C

I first contacted Paul in May 2012, as I was due to go on holiday and have a fear of birds, so I wanted to try hypnotherapy to help with my fear.

At the same time I was suffering anxiety about my health.

Before my appointment with Paul I had seen my doctor about health worries and he had suggested counselling as he thought it was anxiety that was giving me the health issues.

On my first meeting with Paul, I found him to be very easy to talk to and cry to (as i did often in the first few weeks).

I explained that although I had originally booked for hypnotherapy regarding birds,  I told him everything else i was feeling and worried over and what my doctor had said.

We chatted and Paul recommended the Thrive Programme (Changing Limiting Beliefs).

I decided to give it a go.

I read two chapters per week of the book and we discussed these at the next appointments and my answers to any of the questions.

I must say after the first three weeks and still feeling anxious I was a bit down hearted but i explained all this to Paul.

I then went on holiday and was totally relaxed, no health worries and even managed to sit eating outdoors when a bird landed by me.

I saw Paul on my return and explained that I’d been totally relaxed on holiday but anxious when got home, Paul explained that I should take the positives from it and that I should be able to see that when I’m relaxed I am fine and therefore it is all about my style of thinking.

I completed the course and went on my way.

I was much more relaxed and had lots more self confidence.

It has now been about a month since my course finished.

I am most definitely more confident, not worried about what I think others think of me.

I still get anxious at times, but am doing my best to remember all i have learnt and to go back to reading the thrive book to help myself and not let things get me down like before.

Paul is very easy to talk to, witty, and doesn’t judge, I would recommend this CLB course.

Thank you Paul  Mrs C



When i first arranged my appointment for hypnotherapy with Joan, i was quite apprehensive as i had never been hypnotised before and didn’t know if it would work.

However, after the first session i knew that this was the way to go.

Joan helped me to overcome my issues with social phobia, anxiety and low self esteem and get back to feeling like me.

Family commented after the first session about how much better i was and this continued to improve with each session which was a fantastic feeling.

I would definitely recommend this route to others who feel they need help. It was a great help to speak freely about the things i had held back for so long and to feel free from the pain they caused but still able to use my past experiences as a positive tool to learn from.

Thank you Joan for all your help!

Katie xxx


Mr. Paul

Wow What a journey.

A year ago I started to have panic attacks. I even called out an Ambulance on the M6 as I thought I was having a Heart Attack.

I then had a Panic Disorder, High social anxiety, Scared of going out in Public, Scared of People, Going out in general, had suicidal thoughts constantly.

The fear of dying.

Was in a dark place for a while.

Doctors threw Anti-depressants at me which did not help, I tried Meditation (Visualization, Relaxation & Spiritualization), exercise,

Stopping drinking, no caffeine, camomile tea but nothing was helping.

The Anxiety / Panic always took over my body.

The best news, I met Paul, had the free 1 hour consultation, we had a good chat, he put me on the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme.

I followed the course and went to my sessions weekly with Paul which helped me understand the course and my answers to the exercises’.

After 5 -6 weeks I made a quick turnaround.

Boosting my Self Esteem and now have Low social anxiety and Truly in control of my life.

I am better than normal.

I have done everything that I deemed impossible.

Just to prove it I went to shops I feared, went for meals with strangers, even caught a flight last week.

I am a new improved person.

I love myself and my life.

Thanks Paul I cannot put it into words on how Grateful I am, and my Wife and Kids now happier as they have a better person in their life



I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to Joan who recently helped me to get through a really difficult time.

I was feeling extremely depressed and anxious about circumstances that were overwhelming me to a point of exhaustion.

Through hypnotherapy and her personal warmth and understanding I have come through the other side and have now found the courage to make major positive changes in my life.

I now feel I have an exciting new future, which seems unbelievable considering where I was just a few weeks ago.

Thank you really isn’t enough Joan

Lots of love

Roz x


Social Anxiety & Low Self Esteem.

I first contacted Paul in March 2015 after a series of emotional breakdowns where I felt completely helpless and not good enough in any part of my life.

My partner was the only person to see this side of me and did not know how best to help me, I didn’t even know how to help myself!

I went for an IC with Paul which I cried for the entire time with Paul sitting opposite me, helpful, considerate with a box of tissues telling me that he would be able to help me, but even better, help me to help myself, to understand why I was thinking the way that I did.

So I took a big step and began the Thrive Programme.

Thrive has been the best experience for me to date.

I cannot thank Paul enough for his help and guidance; he truly is a remarkable man.

I suffered with severe social anxiety and low self esteem but Paul and the Thrive programme have shown me that I wasn’t as F***ed up as I thought I was!

By learning how to manage my thinking styles and beliefs I am now a completely different person to the one who walked through Paul’s door in March.

I cannot recommend Paul enough, he is a person who keeps you focused throughout and believes that you will learn how to thrive.

I am so happy to say that I AM Thriving and making a difference to how I want to lead my life.

What can I say, thank you for everything.


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