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Anxiety Causing Uncontrollable Shaking

Anxiety Causing Uncontrollable Shaking?

Can Anxiety cause this problem?

Almost certainly the answer is YES, but not all people will suffer “uncontrollable” shaking but more often a certain degree of shaking.

The main reason for this can be understood by considering what triggers the feeling of Anxiety, and what the biological effects of the trigger are likely to be.

Human beings are hard-wired to react to danger in an almost “automatic” way.

Our brain utilises this automatic response in order to eliminate any potentially disastrous delays in reacting to danger by “consciously reasoning” before acting!

This is what is known as the “Freeze, Flight or Fight Response” and it all happens without you having to think about it.

Danger Can Be Real Or Imagined!

When our body reacts to danger in this way our body sends out a whole range of chemicals into the bloodstream specifically designed to prepare the major muscles for action, for example “running away as fast as we can.”

During the act of running away we use up the Adrenalin that has helped us move fast.

If, however, our body reacts to danger that we have “imagined”, for example if we have developed a Phobia of Being Sick – known as Emetophobia – then we may perceive the thought of having to drink some alcohol as “dangerous” and our body might react by preparing us to get away from the situation as fast as we can.

If we can’t get away from the situation, our bodies will still be “automatically” prepared for the Freeze, Flight or Fight response but we will be left with a surplus of Adrenalin and so on.

Adrenalin makes our hearts beat faster and in sufficient amounts can easily cause our muscles to shake or quiver in an attempt to use up the Adrenalin.

This is almost certainly the reason for Anxiety causing uncontrollable shaking in the person who has experienced this completely normal and necessary response.

Anxiety is Normal & Necessary!

It is important to realise that Anxiety in itself is not a problem – more it is the body’s normal response to danger, and if thought of in this way then it makes sense to try and understand what the “danger” is that caused the response.

People who suffer from Fears and Phobias, or many other types of Psychological problem, see danger in situations that others might see as perfectly normal and non-threatening.

The Anxiety that is experienced when facing a phobic object is REAL, it’s just that the danger is more often than not, “imagined.”

So if you find your Anxiety causing uncontrollable shaking then it might be worth you considering some sort of therapy in order to help resolve the issues that give rise your Anxiety in the first place.

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