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Anxiety and Depression Solved with Hypnotherapy

Mrs. L: Hypnotherapy  Solves Depression and Anxiety

I first approached Paul in February 2010. Having just opened my own business after months of holdups, rather than being excited and proud of what I had achieved, I was suffering great anxiety, sleepless nights and weight loss. My partner didn’t know what to do with me anymore as one minute I would be fine the next I would be in tears.

My first phone call to Paul was a tearful answer phone message. Within an hour he phoned me back and was so kind and understanding that I felt better. I arranged a consultation, and agreed a number of sessions.

Within 3 or 4 sessions I felt far less anxious was able to think more clearly and by end of my sessions was able to close some deep rooted emotional issues that I had been carrying with me for years, most of which by this time seemed immaterial.

Since finishing my therapy, I feel so much calmer, I love my business and am enjoying the challenge of building a future. My relationships with both my partner and my daughter, with whom I always fought, have greatly improved. I take each day as it comes and don’t worry.

Paul was so patient, non-judgmental, and easy to get on with……and has really made a difference to my life.

Thank you Paul

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About the Author:

A fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst since 1988, Paul now runs the TranceForm Psychology clinic in Wombourne, is a professional CBT Therapist and Thrive Consultant.