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Therapy for Anorgasmia in Wolverhampton

Anorgasmia is the medical term for the inability to achieve an orgasm and figures suggest that 10-12% of women will never have an orgasm in their lives.

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It is also estimated that more than 70% of women will never, or never orgasm through the act of sexual intercourse.

This is often due to the fact that stimulation during intercourse is quite difficult with manual stimulation generally much more successful.

Very often this can lead both sexual partners to develop feelings of inadequacy leading to the problem developing into a more significant emotional problems such as stress & anxiety which simply create a negative cycle.

Can Anorgasmia be treated?

In most cases where this has been a temporary problem simple communication about how sexual partners can please each other will be sufficient.

If you do not communicate, or don’t feel like you can communicate what you need, then it is likely that the problem will only grow rather than go.

If this has been the case then therapy can almost certainly provide help.

What can cause Anorgasmia?

More often than not this problem is one of “mechanics” such as a lack of physical stimulation, being tired after a long day or sometimes the effects of medication.

It is not unknown for anti-depressants to have this effect.

However, if the physical reasons can be ruled out, then Anorgasmia is most likely to be caused by Psychological factors:-

  • The fear of “losing control” whilst having an Orgasm – Many women believe that this loss of control is unacceptable and must be avoided.
  • Poor body or self image – If you believe that your body is ugly or that you need to lose weight then you might not want to get intimate leading to avoidance or low-self esteem.
  • Past Negative experiences – Previous bad experiences or abusive relationships can definitely have an effect on the ability to Orgasm.
  • General Relationship problems – If you’ve got a problem in your relationship the worry can express itself at an unconscious level in the bedroom.
  • Poor Surroundings or Atmosphere – Having the kids knocking on the door at the moment of passion can develop into a bigger problem if you don’t deal with it, as can trying to be passionate in messy or dirty surroundings.

All of these seemingly minor issues can easily develop into full blown psychological issues if not dealt with effectively.

Therapy for Anorgasmia

We offer psychological based solutions for Anorgasmia – This includes either Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme all of which are designed to help you understand and cope with the thoughts and feelings that may be linked to the problem.

We understand that this is a deeply personal problem which some people will find difficult talking about, but please be assured that we are trained to deal with these types of problems in a completely non-judgmental and understanding way.

To discuss getting help for your Anorgasmia please contact either Paul or Justina.

If you’d like to arrange to have a chat with us about this issue we offer FREE initial consultations to do so.

You can also read about Counselling for Anorgasmia on the Tranceform Psychology website here.

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