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Anger Management

Anger Management Therapy in Wolverhampton & West Midlands

hypnotherapy for anger management in wolverhampton and wombourne

Anger Management involves either Therapy or Counselling so that you can more easily cope with angry feelings that may affect your work or personal relationships.

At Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy we focus on Therapeutic management using Hypnotherapy combined with Psychotherapy

Everybody experiences Anger at some time or another and it is in fact a normal human response.

Some people, however, cannot control their emotions and uncontrolled rage, or anger that is vented in the wrong “direction”, can have negative consequences on relationships.

There are many “triggers” that can lead to anger, including some of the following:

  • Grief at losing a loved one
  • A perception of injustice
  • Sexual frustration
  • Withdrawal from some drugs
  • Feeling threatened
  • Believing that you are being ignored
  • Believing that you are not being taken seriously
  • Past Experiences that have been processed in an “un-helpful” way

People who have this problem may find that they experience anger with increasing frequency and begin to lose control over their reactions to what might otherwise be “normal” events.

If it does does get out of control it can often lead to serious problems with friends, colleagues and sometimes create conflict with the Law.

At worst, when Anger clouds the judgement completely, it can lead people into physical violence and all of the problems that go with “lashing out”.

Mental health surveys suggest that a third of adults are aware that they can often experience “unexpected anger” and just as many know someone who has an anger management problem.

Signs & Symptoms of Poor Anger Management

As mentioned above, the “Angry Response” is normal in certain circumstances.

When you get angry the body releases Cortisol and Adrenalin into the bloodstream which are designed to increase your heart rate, quicken the breathing and generally prepare the body for the “Freeze, Flight or Fight” response.

This limbic (“hard-wired”) response is designed to deal with a real threat and under these circumstances your “rational thinking” processes are “put-on-hold” until the danger has subsided.

Of course, people with Anger problems may unjustifiably perceive that a threat is present when in fact there is not – it is just a mis-perceived threat!

Your belief systems can distort reality and easily “perceive” almost any situation as a threat leading to the inappropriate response of anger.

If your body is repeatedly exposed to this flow of Cortisol & Adrenalin it can have a detrimental effect on your well-being, often leading to Panic or Anxiety disorders.

Poor Anger Management can Adversely Affect Your Health

Uncontrolled Anger has been shown to be linked with the following conditions:

Suppressed or bottled-up Emotions could lead to the following:

Anger Management through Improved Self Control

Learn to deal with angry feelings in more healthy ways such as:

  • Be more aware of becoming angry
  • Learn how to relax more
  • Identify stressful components in your life and address them

Anger Management Testimonial

I come from an engineering background so was sceptical at first,  choosing not to do background research as I preferred to have an open  mind about the techniques used.

Sessions were held in a comfortable  environment and I found myself able to truly relax, with the suggestible techniques performed by Joan.

Each time I went was very rewarding and I  feel a lot more relaxed now, able to better understand how to control  possible triggers.

On reflection of the individual sessions I truly felt  afterwards that I had genuinely been hypnotised, it’s very hard to  explain.

I would certainly seek Joan’s expert care and professionalism  again, and I highly recommend her skills to anyone.


Therapy for Anger Management

We offer Hypnotherapy for Anger Management here at our clinic in Wombourne, Wolverhampton. In most cases we normally recommend following a course of sessions in order to develop the skills necessary to understand and then solve your Anger Management problems.

What is Hypnotherapy and what’s involved?

Anger Management Counselling

We offer Anger Management Counselling in Wolverhampton at the Tranceform Psychology Clinic.

We offer all clients who would like to discuss their particular issues in complete confidence a FREE initial consultation which lasts around 50 minutes. During this time we will discuss the various options available to you and the likely costs involved so that you will be able to make a well-informed decision about proceeding with us.

Paul also offers Anger Help with the Thrive Programme at Thrive with Paul.

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