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Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy

Professional Hypnotherapy & Psychology in Wolverhampton since 2009

Hello and welcome to Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy, the West Midlands premier hypnotherapy and psychotherapy clinic since 2009.

We have helped many hundreds of people to overcome phobias, beat anxiety or otherwise make significant personal changes so that they can enjoy their lives free from stress and worries created by today’s high pressure lifestyles.

Our clinic is owned and operated by Paul and Joan Lee along with our clinical director Dr. Justina Somal (Chartered counselling psychologist) so no matter what type of problem you have, we are sure to have the expert help you need available.

As well as offering clinical hypnotherapy, we are also able to offer paediatric hypnotherapy for children’s problems, cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt), the Thrive Programme for changing limiting beliefs and a full range of humanistic therapies.

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Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy

 Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and other ‘talking’ therapies have never been so relevant and needed as they are today. As people strive more and more to cope with the ever growing pressures of life it seems the nation’s mental health is becoming more and more fragile. This is clearly indicated by the sheer volume of anti-depressants that are being prescribed by GP’s compared to those levels 30 years ago.

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are drug-free solutions to many of today’s ailments and, in most cases, provide a more thorough and permanent resolution to most problems we encounter.

Despite the fact that many people still find the idea of ‘hypnosis’ a bit ‘left-field’ and not really very scientific, nothing could be further from the truth. The British Medical Association (BMA) have recognised hypnosis as a viable medical tool since 1955.

Below you can find a range of different problems that may be helped with hypnotherapy, but of you cannot find your particular problem here please visit our List of Problems to find a more comprehensive range.


Anxiety problems are the most common conditions that clients consult us for. This is unsurprising because anxiety is the mind’s reaction to any situation that might be considered ‘dangerous’ or threatening.

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Weight Loss

Next to quitting smoking, more people look to hypnotherapy to gain control over their eating than for any other type of personal problem. Wolverhampton hypnotherapy is an original Hypno-Band provider too.

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Virtual Gastric Band


There are many fears and phobias that can be helped with hypnotherapy, in particular it is very popular for the fear of flying. In fact hypnosis has an excellent track record with the majority of phobias.

phobia hypnotherapy wolverhampton - plane flying in a storm


Anger Management

Anger management problems seem to be on the rise in today’s stressful world. Anger is generally a purely destructive emotion and can destroy relationships as well as self-esteem.

Anger Management Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - man biting phone

Anger Management

Hypnosis for Children

Joan offers paediatric hypnotherapy for children aged from 8 to 16 years old. She is fully CRB cleared until 2021 and trained by the International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists.

Childrens Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - kids with painted hands

Kid’s Problems

Self Confidence

Low self confidence problems respond particularly well to a short course of hypnotherapy and can help in other areas of your life including both your personal and working environments,

Self Confidence Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - Confident Couple on Mountain Top

Self Confidence

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety is when you worry about what others might be thinking about you when you are in social situations. It can have a negative impact on both personal and working lives.

Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - Woman Speaking in Public

Social Anxiety

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are ‘extreme’ forms of anxiety although they may seem much worse. Hypnotherapy can be very useful for helping you to maintain your perspective in ‘trigger’ situations.

Panic Attack Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - Computer Panic Readout

Panic Attacks


Depression is becoming more and more of a problem in today’s society. Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy offer effective alternatives to the wholesale prescribing of anti-depressants.

Depression Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - Man in bad weather



Obsessive thinking patterns can become very disruptive if not dealt with sooner rather than later. Although they provide the illusion of ‘control’ they are actually a lack of control!

OCD Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - Hand Washing


Sleep Problems

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are built upon the fundamental of relaxation and so are incredibly useful for helping people to beat sleeping issues as well as improve the quality of sleep.

Sleep Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - woman dreaming in bed on a cloud

Sleep Hypnosis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Today the majority of GP’s will recommend IBS sufferers to consult with a qualified hypnotherapist to help relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and stressors.

IBS Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton - IBS sign


About Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy

Joan & Paul are both full time therapists and members of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapists (IAEBP).

Joan specialises in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Paediatric Hypnotherapy and also offers a new psychotherapy programme called Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) as well as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Paul, on the other hand, is a CBT Psychotherapist, Personal Development Coach and Thrive Programme Coach. He has particular expertise in helping people suffering from Emetophobia – the Fear of Vomiting – along with many other Psychological problems such as Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Confidence issues.

Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy is registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) the Government approved Professional Standards Authority Regulator.

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Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Services

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If you are looking for Hypnotherapy to help solve your particular problem then please consult Joan.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of the phenomenon of Hypnosis for helping people to overcome or permanently solve problems by ‘accessing’ the subconscious mind. Our subconscious is the part of our mind that looks after our ‘automatic’ thinking and general daily management of activities such as breathing, heart rate and can be thought of as the bit where our ‘habits’ are stored. If we want to make conscious changes to these habits then we need to make the changes here – this is what Hypnotherapy sets out to achieve.

Find out more about Hypnotherapy here.

Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton Psychotherapy Services Banner

For Psychotherapy solutions such as the Thrive Programme or CBT, please contact Paul.

Psychotherapy differs from Hypnotherapy in that all of the ‘work’ that is carried out to help you make changes is carried out in the conscious state. As such, psychotherapy tends to pay more attention to your ‘cognition’ or ‘thinking patterns’ as scientific research has shown that emotional experiences are almost exclusively ‘created’ by the WAY that we think rather than what has HAPPENED to us. Psychotherapy is generally more suited to the more difficult types of problems such as Depression and long-term Anxiety conditions.

Find out more about Psychotherapy here.

FREE Initial Consultations

Come Along for a Free Consultation

Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton FREE initial consultations - medical team

In order to determine the most suitable course of hypnotherapy or psychotherapy we hold an initial consultation lasting around 50 minutes with all clients prior to proceeding with any course of treatment.

This initial consultation is FREE so if you need to cancel yours please let us know before the time so that we can book somebody else in.

It is an excellent opportunity to find out about the types of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Psychology available, as well as to meet and chat with your potential Therapist.

Initial Assessments

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